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Antec GX700 Case Review

At the front of the top panel of the case, the front USB and audio ports can be found, as well as a fan speed control switch, placed on green metallic plates which are permanently fixed to the top panel with rivets. There are four USB ports, two 2.0 and two 3.0, as well as the classic front headphone/microphone 3.5mm jacks. The fan speed control switch is below a metallic black/yellow flip-up cover, giving the feel that this switch controls something very important. Arguably, the power on and reset buttons should have been below this cover, not a switch which the vast majority of users will not use more than five times per year. Up to four 3-pin cooling fans can be controlled simultaneously by this switch.

The extruding perforated area of the top panel is obviously meant as a place for exhaust cooling fans, with two 140mm fans installed from the factory. Antec probably went with such a large embossment in order to create a proper clearance between the computer's electronic components and the top of the case, allowing watercooling radiators to fit in-between.  The right side panel is entirely plain, with the exception of a 120mm fan opening for those wanting extra cooling for their graphics cards.

The rear of the GX700 also is entirely black. There are two holes for watercooling hoses covered by rubber grommets towards the top of the case, above the rear 120mm exhaust fan. The PSU compartment can be found at the bottom of the case, a common sight nowadays.

At the bottom of the case Antec placed a washable dust filter beneath the PSU intake vent. The filter is removable from the back side of the case. Antec has also installed tall plastic feet, giving the GX700 plenty of breathing room from below.

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