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Antec GX700 Case Review

As we mentioned before, the GX700 is based on a militaristic theme. Considering that this is a relatively low-cost product, the designer did a good job replicating the feel of military equipment, the feel of which can be summarized as "ridiculously simple and sturdy". However, aside from the faceplate and the front I/O ports at the top of the GX700, the rest of the case is still based on an all-black steel body with only the extruding fan placement area of the top panel being of any aesthetic value.

Most of the case's militaristic theme is being formed on the faceplate of the case. The lower half of the faceplate is a green metallic cover hiding an intake dust filter. Unlike with the vast majority of cases where the filter can be removed from the bottom of the case or the cover can be removed by simply pushing/pulling it, the metallic cover of the GX700 is being held in place with four black thumbscrews which need to be removed in order to access the filter, preferably with the aid of a screwdriver. Remember, militaristic theme; simple and sturdy hardly ever means "functional" with these guys.

Right above the filter cover, a large red power on button can be seen at the left, followed by two simple LEDs (power on and disk activity). Another large black button at the right side of the area serves as the reset switch. Unlike most other cases and especially at this price range, the green 5.25" bay covers are solid steel. They are held in place by the wire clips seen at each side of every cover and can be removed without having to open the side panels of the case. We do not see how this adds any true functionality to the GX700 however, as both side panels will still have to be removed in order to lock a device into place and to attach cables to it.

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