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Antec GX700 Case Review

Antec commonly uses simple brown cardboard boxes and the GX700 is no exception. The artwork on the box is good considering that greyscale colors were the designer's only option, with a partial picture of the case at the front of the box and a basic schematic of the interior on the side. Inside the box we found the case protected by two thin polystyrene foam slabs, which should prove to be adequate for transporting the lightweight case.

Even though this is a case targeted towards gamers and enthusiasts, the bundle is spartan at best. Antec only supplies the necessary screws and motherboard stand-offs in a small nylon bag, along with a few cable ties. There is a very basic "quick start guide" leaflet supplied but the actual manual can only be downloaded in electronic form from the company's website. There are no cable straps or any other extra parts included.

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