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Antec Eleven Hundred Case Review

A single massive 200mm opening holding a fan can be found at the top panel, near the rear side of the case. The opening slightly extrudes from the rest of the panel and forms a honeycomb mesh to cover the fan’s blades.

The rear of the Antec Eleven Hundred case is entirely black, indicating that the entire chassis has been sprayed with the same paint. One can easily discern that Antec, like many other manufacturers, moved the PSU compartment at the bottom of the case.

Unfortunately, we found the spot housing the simplistic but effective fan controller of the P280 to be almost empty. There is only a single switch, used to turn on and off the LED lighting of the 200mm fan.

Two rubber grommets cover the round holes Antec opened for those wishing to route watercooling hoses to the outside of the case.

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