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Antec Eleven Hundred Case Review

Although Antec designed this to be their lead gaming case, the design of the Eleven Hundred is relatively elaborate and not excessively aggressive or in any way extreme. The case is all black, with pointy angles and straight lines forming a sharp design. This sharp design conceals the true size of the Eleven Hundred, which is measuring 53cm high, 55cm deep and 24cm wide, the case is appreciably large even after considering it being a high-end gaming product.

Fitting for a gaming design, Antec made the frame of the faceplate out of thick plastic and covered the largest portion with steel, round holes type of mesh. Since the largest percentage of the faceplate is covered by the perforated metallic mesh, the Eleven Hundred can virtually draw air inside from across the entire faceplate; a design perhaps not ideal for acoustics but certainly effective when thermal control is the primary concern.

The faceplate can be easily removed by pulling it outwards from the bottom of the case. Since almost the entire faceplate is perforated for maximum air intake surface, Antec installed foam dust filters over the 5.25” device covers and a simple by effective nylon “sieve” type filter covers the rest of the faceplate.

Practically following the same efficient placement we have encountered while examining the P280, Antec installed the power on and reset buttons at the top of the case, near the faceplate. The otherwise simplistic round buttons appear to be well made and of high quality. Near the top of the faceplate the company installed all of the front I/O connectors; the standard headphone 3.5mm jacks, two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports. There is no eSATA or a firewire port, an omission most users will not care about since USB 3.0 is by far the most common interface for high speed transfers today, yet it might trouble users who already own a sensible number of eSATA and/or firewire based hardware.

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