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Antec Eleven Hundred Case Review

The Eleven Hundred comes supplied inside a dark, large cardboard box. The artwork on the box is virtually limited to pictures of the case itself, while information on the case’s features can be read at the top side of the box. The box is fairly strong and should provide enough protection during shipping. Inside the box we found the case protected by two polystyrene foam slabs and wrapped in a nylon bag.

A common sight with Antec’s products, the bundle of the Eleven Hundred has been reduced down to the bare essentials. Antec only supplies a set of the necessary screws and stand-offs, a very simple black and white leaflet and a few small black cable ties. Those who require a full manual can download it online. Unfortunately there are no quality cable straps or any other cable management material, which would be a welcome addition in a case of this class.

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