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Another x86 tablet PC shows up in China

With iOS and Android wiping the floor where mobile operating systems are concerned, one might be tempted to think that there is little hope left for Microsoft's and its Windows 7 OS to carve out its own share of the mobile device pie. However, it appears that a Chinese OEM in Shenzhen does not share the same view, and the announcement of its upcoming x86 tablet running off Windows is probably the best proof of that.

Most people may be quick to shun Windows 7-based tablets in favor of alternative devices powered by Google's Android operating system, or Apple's iOS, and for good reason. Even at its best, Windows 7 and its overlaying user interface was designed to be used with a precision pointing tool such as a mouse or stylus; anything else will definitely result in a sub-optimal user experience. And this issue is further complicated by the fact that installing said OS on devices with small display resolution do no favours for Windows' already touch-unfriendly interface.

However, it appears that not all OEMs are ready to give up on Windows-based tablets just yet, and this latest announcement from a certain Shenzhen-based manufacturer appears to back that claim. Apparently, the manufacturer, which is known as G'Five, has claimed that it plans to launch a new x86 tablet known as the WisPad some time in the "immediate future", and that Windows will definitely come bundled on the device.

According to online sources, the WisPad GFT97A will be sold to global OEMs and carriers for rebranding, although G'Five is reportedly thinking of introducing its own retail brand in order to sell the WisPad directly to the Chinese domestic market, with an option for BTO if need be.

That aside, not much detail about the elusive WisPad has been revealed by G'Five. What we do know is that the WisPad will feature an Intel Atom N455 processor and a 9.7-inch capacitive touchscreen, although the actual display resolution is still a mystery. In addition to that, G'Five has also revealed that the WisPad features 1GB of system memory, while storage is provided via an optional SSD capable of capacities of up to 16GB or 32GB. Last but not least, the tablet also appears to be designed with the style-conscious in mind, as it sports a full aluminium body and a relatively thin profile with its maximum height of 14mm. 

No pricing information for the WisPad has been announced yet; however, given the fact that the device will eventually be sold under a different brand name, chances are that its price will vary greatly between various OEMs. Oh, and one more thing: G'Five has reportedly confirmed that the actual production model will feature the ability to dual boot between both Windows and…yes, you guessed it, an x86 port of Android. Now we are talking.

Source: M.I.C Digi

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