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Another Samsung slate gets FCC blessing, model number suggests Galaxy Tab 3 sequel or rehash

Despite recent reports, there might be more than four new Samsung tablets looming large on the horizon, as another one has just cleared the FCC, carrying a model number not associated in any way to previously rumored Galaxy slates.


The SM-T520 moniker does link to existing members of the Galaxy Tab line, namely the GTab 3 7.0 (aka SM-T210) and Tab 3 8.0, also known as SM-T310. However, based on FCC’s blueprints, the unannounced big guy will sport a form factor circling the number 10. So maybe a Galaxy Tab 4 10.1? Maybe.

The product dimensions certainly support the theory, as the SM-T520 measures 243 mm in height and 172 mm in width, whereas the GTab 3 10.1 is 243.1 mm x 176.1. The diagonal is listed as 287 mm long, so a little north of 10.1 inches, at 11.3, though the gap is probably to be covered by bezels.

But what if the borders are super-slim and this is actually the highly anticipated 10.5-incher rocking a Super AMOLED display? It fits, right?


A third possibility is we’re dealing with a jumbo-sized Galaxy Tab 3 Lite variant, so not a Tab 3 10.1 follow-up, but rather a rehash of sorts. Hmm, that may not be such a bad idea, as long as Sammy keeps the pricing bar low. Say, around the $250 mark?

Finally, as the FCC doesn’t spell the on-board OS out for us, it’s not entirely out of the question for the 10 or 10.5-incher to run Tizen or Windows instead of Android. Unlikely, yes, impossible, no.

Either way, the thing supports Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, GPS, Bluetooth and is coming soon, with CES and MWC perfect venues for a formal announcement. Remember, the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, Note 12.2, a mystery 13-incher, all with pre-loaded Android, and another 13 or 14-incher, this one with both Android and Windows, are expected out around the same time. Guess a Christmas vacation is not in the cards for Samsung employees.

Source: Phone Arena

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