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Anonymous source reveals PlayStation 4 launch date?

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During their now famous pre-E3 press conference, Sony revealed just about everything gamers would want to know about their popular next-gen PS4 console: the physical system itself, a price point of $399, and no online-only requirements were just a few of the new features touted during the presentation.

Regardless of the myriad of information that Sony divulged at E3, they’ve been tight-lipped about the PS4’s official release date, reaffirming gamers that the console will be launched in “Holiday 2013”.

One anonymous source has claimed to have insider knowledge as to the PlayS,tation 4’s official launch date. The source, an employee at a well-known and established wholesale supplier on the West Coast, claims that the supplier has listed Sony’s PS4 with a release on Nov. 26, 2013.

In addition to the claims, the anonymous source provided a screenshot of the supplier’s listing–but many retailers are known for using placeholders for unannounced release dates and prices.

PS4 Leak Date

As always this information hasn’t been confirmed and must remain speculation and rumor, however the date may have a smidgen of validity as it is just three days short of Black Friday–which is undoubtedly one of the most busy shopping days of the entire year.

In any case, we’ll just have to wait later on in the year when Sony confirms the PS4’s launch date to the gaming world. Pre-orders for the console are still going strong, and many suppliers and retailers are concerned about the intense demand for the system as it may “outstrip the supply“.

It will be interesting to see if and how Sony responds to this supposed “leaked” release date; but they’ll most likely keep mum on the subject until they’re ready. Be sure to remember that the November date isn’t official and to always take this kind of info with a grain of salt, as it must be chalked up to rumor and speculation until confirmed by Sony.

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