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Anonymous gets funding to start a news website

Anonymous wants to set up a dedicated website for publishing news surrounding the group's effort, and supporters of the hacktivists have been more than willing to toss them some change.

Initially, the target set by “Jackal Anon” was only 2,000 USD on Indiegogo, but at the final sum at the end of the run ended up being 54,668 USD.  The site will be called Your Anon News.

According to the Anon News Team, they want to create a “new environment where content is not determined solely by external sources…, [and] engineer a new website which will allow us to collect breaking reports and blog postings from the best independent reporters online.”

Anonymous is not centralized as its members are scattered all over the world.  The hacktivists are connected by their title, but not necessarily by roles or purposes.  The group as a whole, however, has made headlines by targeting computer systems of large corporations to national governments.  Recently, Anonymous’ declaration of cyber war on North Korea has prompted many supporters as well as onlookers set themselves on high-alert mode in anticipation of what the hacktivists will do to decimate the Hermit Kingdom’s network.

Some herald Anonymous as a sort of cyber justice league, whereas others deem them as radicals and criminals.  Whatever views people may have of Anonymous, however, doesn’t seem to stop them from making headlines and turning heads.

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