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Anonymous declares cyber-war on North Korea

The hacktivist group Anonymous has recently taken a collective stand against the ‘Hermit Kingdom’ with a bold statement claiming to have in their possession 15 thousand passwords stolen from the North Korean government. They call their new plan, “Operation Free Korea”, and the hacktivists are demanding total democracy in the hard-line communist state.

Anonymous has taken up many causes in their history ranging from disclosing corrupt politicians or going after rogue cult groups, such as the Westboro Baptist church.  Now Anonymous has taken up one of their largest political goals to date with demanding democracy in the ultra-communist state of North Korea. 

Regarding hacktivist group's latest cyber-attack, they claim to be holding thousands of passwords said to be retrieved from North Korea’s highly secured intranets and mail servers and the North's official website, www.uriminzokkiri.com. “We got all over 15k membership records of Uriminzokkiri.com and many more,” Anonymous writes. “First we gonna wipe your data, then we gonna wipe your badass dictatorship ‘government.”

While the recent attacks on North Korea may appear to be a unified effort with the United States and South Korea, Anonymous denies any association with either entity.  

“Don’t misunderstand us: As well we disagree with the USA government too – these guys are crooks, USA is a threat to world peace too, and direct democracy (or any kind of democracy) doesn’t exist there. The American government is a target and enemy of Anonymous as well!’’, Anonymous writes. "This is not about country vs. country – This is about we, the people, the 99% (of USA and of North Korea) vs. oppressing and violent regimes (like USA gov. and N.K. gov)! We, the people, are gathering together because we are stronger now and we won’t fight your wars anymore…”

Anonymous has demanded that Kim Jong-un resign his seat and bring about democracy.  A few other of their demands include the North ending their nuclear bomb endeavors and open up the Internet without censorship immediately so the people can see the real uncensored world.

Before their message conclusion telling the North Koreans to rise up, Anonymous left a message for the leaders of North Korea.  Anonymous writes, “- We are inside your local intranets (Kwangmyong and others)- We are inside your mailservers – We are inside your webservers. …Enjoy these few records as a proof of our access to your systems (random innocent citizens, collateral damage, because they were stupid enough to choose idiot passwords), we got all over 15k membership records of www.uriminzokkiri.com and many more.”

Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor is an accomplished writer who works as a freelance journalist and has contributed to many award winning media agencies, which includes VRzone. Born in 1971, Taylor holds a Bachelor of Science with a focus in Journalism, graduating Magna Cum Laude. An eclectic writer, Taylor specializes in editorials, trending technologies and controversial topics such as hacktivism and government spying.

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