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Anita Sarkeesian releases second episode in Tropes vs. Women series

The Feminist Crusader returns with a whole new episode in her popular and controversial series on the role of women in video games. Sarkeesian's latest is ready to show that the girls can put up a fight against the boys, and she comes out swinging. 

While her toughest critics and trolls were not the biggest fans of her first video, Ms. Sarkeesian has continued in her informative crusade against the usual patriarchal motif when it comes to video games. Originally starting as a Kickstarter campaign in May of 2012, Tropes vs. Women was a video series created Anita Sarkeesian to show the important differences and some issues that have arisen in gaming culture over the past three decades. Initially, only asking for six thousand dollars, Sarkeesian was initially phased by the amount of negative feedback she received for her campaign, but was vindicated when the support that rallied behind her pushed her humble goal from six thousand to over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Ms. Sarkeesian introduces her latest video by warning people of the amount of spoilers ahead, and that people can still be fans of video games, but also take a critical eye towards them as well. The second episode delves into video gaming culture even more and highlighting positive female examples and role models in the gaming universe that people can connect to. The video is below:


Unfortunately, earlier today, Sarkeesian's video was initially flagged by YouTubers and possibly trolls to have YouTube remove the video in it's entirety. It has since been put back online and you can watch it to your hearts content, or simply click the big red play button above. Anita's original series, Feminist Frequency, spawned an early version of Tropes vs. Women which briefly analysed a few familiar video game characters and their place in the video game world as both historically inaccurate stereotypes or simply negative portrayals of women.

While some have issues with Sarkeesian's criticism, some have praised her for her videos for creating a discourse amongst a largely male population who may or may not have seen why things are the way they are in the games industry. It will be a slow change, but the Sarkeesian videos are a part of an on-going discussion about equality in the representation of genders in popular culture mediums.

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