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Animated GIF to be beamed to space, 17.6 year upload ETA

Tomorrow, when Lone Signal starts beaming data into space, the first thing to go where no data has gone before will be an animated GIF.space

As part of the Lone Signal project, an animated GIF of a man scratching his right ear as ambient light projected to his face changes colours will be blasted into space by a radio dish in Carmel, California. The gif has been named “Humans watching Digital Art”, and was created by Kim Asendorf. The GIF will arrive at its intended destination, Gliese 526, in 2031.

The event is somewhat reminiscent of the Voyager Golden Record, a project which sent a golden record containing (among other things) various recordings, a note from president Jimmy Carter, and a few depictions of humanity’s scientific knowledge with both Voyager space probes.

If extra-terrestrials do find and decode this, I want to know how they pronounce GIF.

Source: The Verge

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