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Angry Birds Valentine’s Day edition, Angry Birds 2 and Kinect mode coming soon?

Angry Birds

Looks like Angry Birds fans will have more to look forward to this year. With the popular game recently made available on laptops and Mac machines, it looks like the developer isn’t going to stop just there. Apparently, a Valentine’s Day edition is due to be out next month; Angry Birds 2 is in the making; and how about playing the game with Kinect?

Angry Birds Valentine’s Day edition

With Valentine’s Day approaching in two more weeks, Rovio may be launching the Valentine’s Day edition of the Angry Birds on 14 February. According to reports, the special edition will come with newer birds and promises lots of fun and enjoyment; even the pigs will have slight changes such as ribbons on their heads. The game looks to appeal to the female gamers and will be available on both iOS and Android platform.

Angry Birds 2

Some Angry Birds 2 screenshots were shown on a German DW-TV show as the hosts talked about the developers at Rovio working on new versions of the game. It was also reported that the new update for Angry Birds will arrive next month in time for Valentine’s Day  ‘Angry Birds Seasons’. However, the above screenshots do not seem to have been taken from Angry Birds Seasons. Could it be from Angry Birds 2?

Playing Angry Birds using Kinect technology

Instead of using your finger to drag the catapult on the touchscreen or with the mouse on the laptop or Mac, how about playing Angry Birds simply by gesturing it, like on a Xbox 360 Kinect? It looks like a company called KinEmote was able to hack Windows 7 software that allows you to play the game with a wireless controller and your Kinect. It isn’t full gesture control, but that may be possible in the near future. Check out the video:-

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