In a confusing and astounding turn of events, Angry Bird's novelty soda is outselling both Coca-Cola and Pepsi in Finland. Excuse me, what?!

There's plenty of video-game themed foods and drinks these days and it is of no surprise that a merchandise-loving franchise like Angry Birds would join in with their own soda brand. In the past few months alone, Angry Birds has been working to expand their business into activity parks (Angry Birds Land, in Särkänniemi, Finland), a children's learning resource and even a debit card. What is a surprise however, is how well this soda is selling in Finland.

I admit the cans are cool, but that must be one hell of a soda to defeat Coke and Pepsi


During the Slush conference in Finland, the Finnish game developer's CEO, Peter Vesterbacka, revealed that Angry birds' soda; a fruity soft drink in four flavors, has been outselling both Coca-Cola and Pepsi. It is astounding that a novelty soda for a mobile slingshot game is beating out the two largest and biggest soda makers at their own game. It's akin to coca-cola making a video game that outsells Call of Duty.


Rovio is planning to launch the soda in New Zealand and Australia in the near future, and it's entirely possible it may make it over to the US soon as well.