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Android: Now Available In Chinese ‘Poo’

Does anyone still remember the controversial fan-made picture of Google’s Android relieving itself on an Apple logo? Once again, it seems that the good OEMs over at China can draw inspiration from just about anything for their devices; after all, that image what precisely what came to mind upon hearing about the introduction of the new iPOO tablet there. Cue toilet and poo-related jokes in three…two…one…

Clones and knockoff products in China are usually a mixed bag, Usually we focus on the well-built clones which cost only a fraction of the real deal but boast the same design, features and solid construction offered by the original, but it cannot be denied that there are also some knockoffs which raises more than a few question marks for various reasons.

In this case, the Android tablet we are looking at falls neatly into a latter, mostly because of its very unorthodox name. Does anyone fancy an iPOO?

Of course, with a name that is largely identical to the term used by Apple-haters in describing the success of the Cupertino company’s iDevices, one might think that the iPOO is nothing more than an elaborate iPad clone with the same features. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and the iPOO is in fact a very entry-level slate PC, and the specs speak for itself.

According to Shanzhaiben.com, the iPOO sports 2 MicroUSB ports, a TF card reader and a standard 3.5mm audio jack, which are fairly standard connectivity options on any tablet. On the hardware side, the iPOO supposedly makes use of a Rockchip RK2818 processor clocked at 600MHz, 256MB of memory and 2GB of storage space. And the iPOO’s seven-inch resistive touchscreen all but confirms its status as an entry-level tablet.

Last but not least, the iPOO is said to be preloaded with Android 2.2, which is a reasonably recent version of the Android operating system considering how v2.3 has yet to become mainstream. If that is good enough for you, the iPOO is currently selling in China for the low price of 700 yuan, or just slightly more than US$100 (US$106, to be precise). The only question is whether you are comfortable with spending that amount of cash on POO, but hey, the decision is yours.

Source: Shanzhaiben.com

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