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Android gets audio tuning app in Marketplace

The openness of the Android Marketplace usually means that clones of other popular apps formerly only available in proprietary repositories usually find their way to Google’s own servers in a matter of time. This time, it is the popular T-Pain app from Apple’s App Store which has found a competitor in the Android Marketplace. And its Android counterpart’s name? MicDroid.

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Apple’s iTunes may boast the largest app store in the competition, but many of the applications in its repositories which used to be exclusive only to the iPhone have now found second homes in other places such as Microsoft’s and Android’s Marketplace, either in the form of native ports or as clones of existing apps. And one such app which can be loosely considered as a ‘clone’ (and even that is pushing it) will be the new MicDroid app in the Android Martketplace.

Simply put, MicDroid is an autotune app which allows users to perform a variety of tweaks such as changing the sample rate of a recording, tweaking the pitches and keys and making minor corrections to audio clips, as shown in the screenshot below:

However, the author of MicDroid has cautioned downloaders that the application is still in the early stages and as such, is still not as feature-packed as it should be. More importantly, device compatibility is not up to scratch yet, with the app failing to work on the G1, MyTouch3G and Samsung Galaxy S. 

However, if that does not serve to discourage you in any way, hit the Marketplace icon on your Android-powered smartphone and download away. Don’t worry, it’s completely free to download and use.

Source: XDA Developers

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