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android malware q3 2013

Android once again at the forefront of mobile malware attacks, according to F-Secure

According to F-Secure’s latest report titled ‘Mobile Threats’ covering the latest developments in the mobile malware sector for Q3 2013, the vast majority of malware is targeted directly at Android.

android malware q3 2013

Android with its majority market share of 79.3 percent in smartphones and tablets is the main target with 97 percent of the threats tailored to it. The remaining 3 percent are directed at Symbian (which is pretty much irrelevant by now), while iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone users can rest easy as no malware was found for them in F-Secure’s analysis which is sourced from apps on the Play Store, iTunes App Store, third-party app directories and anonymously collected data from users of their own mobile security software.

In new developments in targeting Android systems, a new toolkit named Androrat APK binder was released in July and is said to simplify the task of inserting malicious code into authentic apps.

Another trend is the rise of profit-generating threats like making money by sending SMS messages from your device without your consent. This trend could be attributed to an increase in SMS-sending Trojan families like PremiumSms, SmsSend, FakeInst and OpFake.

However, thanks to improved security measures by Google, fewer threats make it onto the Google Play Store, shifting the focus onto small or questionable apps that invade privacy by collecting user data.

This does indeed sound quite scary for current and prospective Android users, but there is only one true guideline here to follow if you want to avoid malware getting into your phone: stick to the Play Store for downloading all your apps, and avoid suspicious third-party sources such as file-sharing websites.

Source: F-Secure via Computer Weekly

Image: Digital Trends

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