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Andino Texas & PowerPlus series iPhone 4 and iPad 2 cases Review

The first case we will take a look at, is the Book Stand Style Case for the iPad 2. This is charcoal black version, which is one out of the three shades available, as mentioned in the introduction. All of Andino's products comes in a rather simple style of packaging which did not impress me at all. The packaging feels sort of 'cheap' and 'rough' and that does not feel right for the kind of money spent on the overall product. More effort has to be in place to attract customers.

Front View

Back View

With the iPad 2 inside

But as the saying goes, you cannot judge a book by its cover. The same goes for Andino's denim cases. After discarding the outer packaging and handling the case, I am pretty satisfied with how it feels in my hands. It feels sturdy but not too heavy, something which I am quite particular about. I also like the combination of denim on the outside and leather on the inside. The craftmanship is indeed noticable with the fine stitching that is present around the case. The iPad fitted in snuggly and the first thought that came into my head was, how cool it would be if the case featured the auto lock functionality available with Apple's SmartCover. Maybe that could be an interesting feature that Andino can incorporate in their future products.


With this case, you are given an option of two elevation angles; you can set your iPad upright or just slightly evelated with the former optimised for video viewing and the latter for typing. I found both angles to be comfortable but as a cautionary note, the stand does work better on a smooth, stable surface like a table. It did not work too well sitting on my lap.


The audio jack and the dock connector are easily accessible and with that, you will be able to listen to your favourite tunes or charge your iPad without the hassle of removing the case. As mentioned, the thickness of the case is pleasingly acceptable and it does provide sturdy protection from the occasional accidental dings and scratches.


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