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Analyzing the current state of console gaming

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This year is set to be one of the most groundbreaking years in gaming: the advent of Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 are set to usher in a new age of console gaming with their expansive next-gen features.

Until these game-changing systems are introduced, however, the gaming world will continue making use of the current gen consoles.

The heat is on both of the gaming giants to contend with one another for next-gen dominance, but for now the current generation of console gaming is very much alive and thriving.

Recent polls held by dealnews take a closer look and examine certain aspects of the current “state” of console gaming for everyday gamers, analyzing their habits, preferences, and what they think about the next-gen era.

The data reveals pertinent information on the state of gaming for 2013, capturing statistics on a variety of topics across the gaming spectrum. The polls themselves addressed different topics such as the console they use most for gaming, their thoughts on how console gaming compares to PC gaming, and even the repair cycles for each system.

The poll results also reveal that most gamers who voted prefer the Xbox 360 console for their gaming needs, beating out both PC (which came in second at 26%) and PS3 (with 23%). The Xbox 360 has topped the sales charts for quite some time now, and remains one of the most profitable consoles in the industry.

When it comes to non-gaming habits, voters prefer to use their Xbox 360’s to stream movies and TV shows via Netflix or Hulu Plus–whereas PS3 owners revealed they mostly use their consoles to watch Blu-ray movies instead. Apparently less than 10% of voters only use their gaming consoles strictly for gaming–news that Microsoft would no doubt approve of with their new “all in one” Xbox One system.


Interestingly enough, when it comes to pre-orders of the next-gen consoles, the polls indicated that most people are planning on buying Microsoft’s Xbox One rather than Sony’s PS4 offering.

Approximately 42% of voters say they are looking forward to purchasing an Xbox One, leaving 29% to lean towards the PS4. This data was accounted for before Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal event, and the votes would most likely be very different now.

While gamers may be divided on certain topics, they share the same feelings regarding the price of next-gen games: 71% said they would not pay more for next-gen titles. Although we already know that backwards compatibility is axed on the next-gen systems, 65% of gamers said they wouldn’t re-buy games they already own just to play them on the new consoles.

The polls in now way represent the global gaming community, but instead offer insight as to how the current and next generation of gaming is faring and what gamers think about the upcoming consoles.

E3 will bring new opportunities for each of the top contenders to showcase their consoles, and it will be interesting to see if Microsoft can sway the public opinion and win over its key audience by shedding light on the hotly disputed rumors and claims surrounding their Xbox One console.

Until then, gamers will have to wait and continue their gaming adventures through the consoles of the current generation.

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