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Analyst predicts iPod touch to receive “biggest upgrade ever” at today’s Apple event

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted today, hours before Apple's big event in CA, that the iPod touch will be receiving it's "biggest upgrade ever" along with the release of the iPhone 5, with a new GPS feature, 4-inch screen, and other upgrades.

Today is the day which has been greatly anticipated the last few weeks by Apple fans, analysts, and bloggers alike. Today, Wednesday, the 12th of September, is the day of Apple's event in San Francisco, CA.

As is consistent with Apple's habits, and evidenced by a small hiccup Apple made earlier, it is essentially known that today will be the release of the iPhone 5.

But as exciting as that news is, and as much as everybody is anticipating this, it isn't the only product that will be receiving attention at today's event. The iPod touch will also be getting an upgrade for the first time in two years, and this hasn't failed to excite fans of the smart product, which some consider to be a cellular-less iPhone.

Just hours before the event takes off today, Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst with KGI securities revealed the big changes he expects for the next incarnation of the iPod touch, which he has called its "biggest upgrade ever”.

These upgrades include:

– New colors, besides black and white – in fact, the iPod touch was only originally available in black, like the iPhone, and the white version made for a pretty big deal in the technosphere.
– A four inch display like that of the iPhone 5
– A GPS feature, to take advantage of Apple's new Map app in iOS 6
– A Five megapixel rear camera, and HD FaceTime in the front
– A 32nm A5 processor (as reported earlier)
– A smaller dock connector, also like that of the iPhone 5

Those interested in the authenticity of these predictions will not need to wait long to seem them verified or debunked. Both the iPhone 5 and the new iPod touch are expected to be revealed at the event today, which will be covered live by tech blog Engadget in an hour.

Source: Cult of Mac

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