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Analyst claims Google abandoned X Phone project for time being

A popular Chinese analyst is claiming that Google has put their X Phone project aside in order to go back to Motorola for further development.  The analyst believes this to be due to a lack of innovation and new technology.

If you’ve been following news about Android smartphones at all the last couple of months then you’re very well aware of the existence of a handset that has been dubbed the Google X Phone. It has gone in and out of the rumor mill many times and each time with seemingly completely different specifications and features.

What seems to be agreed upon is that the phone will feature a version of Android that is very close to stock, you will be able to choose from many colors, and that it will be released sometime in the summer or possibly the Fall. 
However, if Chinese analyst Sun Chang Xu is to be believed, apparently Google has put the project aside for the time being in order to go back to Motorola for further development of the phone.  He cites a lack of innovation and new technology as the reason for this.
Considering the X Phone is supposed to be a significant project for Google, being the first phone released that has been completely worked on and designed by them using Motorola Mobility, which they purchased last year. It’s understandable that perhaps Google isn’t satisfied with the results and only wants to release a device they believe will have a big impact. 
None of this is confirmed and as of now it’s just the word of one man. Not long ago there was a leak of the alleged X Phone seen in the image above, so there is a chance that Google is deciding to push ahead regardless with some version of this device.  Google I/O is just around the corner and if we’re lucky enough we might hear something to put these rumors to bed once and for all.
Source: Sun Chang Xu Via: GSMinsider

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