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Analyst claims Apple has ‘locked down’ iPhone 6 design

According to the analyst, iPhone 6 will come with a 4.8 inch display.


This is certainly not the first time that it has been claimed that iPhone 6 is going to have a much larger display. Apple is finally expected to succumb to market demand, consumers are increasingly shifting towards smartphones that have larger displays. While there have been a lot of far fetched rumors as well, such as an “iPhone Phablet” being released in May, it has consistently been rumored that the iPhone 6 which isn’t due until September is the one that’s finally going to increase screen real estate on this popular smartphone.

Cowen and Company’s analyst Timothy Arcuri also claims that several design changes and hardware tweaks will also be made, apart from support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Despite the fact that Apple updated all of its 2013 Mac models with this Wi-Fi standard, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C remain limited to the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard. It is also claimed that the next major iOS platform update is going to leverage technologies such as iBeacon, Passbook and Touch ID will allow Apple to offer new mobile payment services. Key software innovations are predicted for the next major update.

Arcuri does say that despite the fact the iPhone’s traditional release cycle does not come until September 2014, his sources tell him that a June release of the iPhone 6 at WWDC 2014 is not out of the question. One must always keep in mind though that analysts are not always spot on, besides in the run up to September, there will be a lot of similar predictions so its too soon to form a notion about the next generation iPhone at this point in time.

Source: AppAdvice

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