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Analog gaming nostalgia with Elecom’s new iPhone 5 cases

The PS-A12PVGM is a new product line/series introduced by Elecom for the iPhone 5. Aside from its brightly colored features, each product version lets you play a different analog game on it.

Games of today sure have made most analog games of the past obsolete by current standards. This does not mean that they are now completely and utterly boring however, as what these new iPhone 5 cases seem to try to prove.

The PS-A12PVGM is a new iPhone 5 case product line introduced by Elecom. It has no technical features in it, isn't made of a very unique/special synthetic composite material, and is even most likely not designed to protect your iPhone 5 (by default). It does have however, a nifty little analog game board that you can play with when you, well, want a breather from those action-intensive game apps on your phone.

Complementing the analog game feature is a bright color scheme that matches the color of the toys that introduced those analog games long ago. It certainly brings the nostalgia back; flip your iPhone 5 at one side, and it's a marvel of modern 21st century technology, but flip it on the other side, and you're instantly taken back to the past with its all too familiar toy-like design.

Some of the analog games that you can play with these cases are drop ball, sort ball, a maze game, a 15-tile puzzle and simple pinball. As shown in the images, each of the game comes preset with a particular color scheme.

All cases are made of silicon-coated polycarbonate. They are going to be available in Japan with an estimated price of about 2,500 yen (27 USD).

Source: MyNavi (JP)

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