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An iPad 2, you say? Well, China got the real deal two days ago!

So Apple has unveiled their new iPad 2 tablet to loads of fanfare from the Apple faithful. That is fine, but it would seem that all the hype that arose from the tablet's veil of secrecy never made it into China intact. Apparently, a Chinese IT website known as DGtle had managed to get their hands on the real deal as early as two days ago, and even has the photographic evidence to back up its claims. But is that iPad 2 in its article really the actual iPad 2 that was released this morning?

Apple may have just released its brand new tablet device today, but chances are that most people who have been keeping up with the rumour mill regarding information about the iPad 2 would have had quite a good idea as to what the average user to expect from Apple's new new device. Add that to the fact that leaked renders of the iPad 2 were reportedly making their way around the depths of cyberspace before the actual launch event, and it should probably come as little surprise that many would have had a mental image of how the product would look like as well.

However, it also seems that no one can beat the Chinese when it comes to digging out Apple's secrets, and a recent article posted a couple of days ago on a Chinese website known as DGtle seems to confirm that fact. Apparently, DGtle was able to obtain actual photographs of the iPad 2 two days before its launch, and had posted them all on its website for readers to make some comparisons. Here are some of the images:

To ensure that we were not being taken along for a ride, we compared some of the pictures with those that were posted in Engadget's hands-on with the actual iPad and it turns out that the similarities were rather striking. In fact, the only inconsistency we spotted between DGtle's and Engadget's images was that DGtle's device had a black bezel, while the official iPad 2 sports a white-coloured bezel instead.

What do you think? Did DGtle really get its hands on actual images of the iPad 2 while it was in its final stage of product development, or is that device we see nothing more than a very well-crafted clone?

Source and images courtesy of DGtle

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