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An app store for non-smartphones?

You don’t need a smartphone running the latest iPhone OS, Windows Mobile, Maemo or Symbian operating system to access the online applications store: Snaptu has unveiled its own app store which targets generic phones from various manufacturers.

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It is common knowledge that the draw of smartphones does not lie in the devices themselves; that honour has to go to the online applications store (or app store for short), where owners of such phones can access various downloadable widgets and applications which provide additional functionality, either for free or at a price.

Of course, with smartphones well on the way to becoming the next mainstream devices in mobile telecommunications, it is easy to forget that there are still large numbers of classic web-capable non-smartphones which are every bit as capable as their newer counterparts, and locking all of these handsets out from the boon of online services would no doubt cause many owners to feel somewhat left out of the trend.

And that is where Snaptu comes in to save the day: by releasing an app store specially targeted at non-smartphones.

To access to Snaptu’s app store users need to access its homepage with their mobile phones at m.snaptu.com to download and install an application (which TechCrunch claims is Java-based, something which most older phones should have pre-installed)., as shown below:

Once this is done, you should have a new application installed in the handset which allows you to browse through the various applications that Snaptu has to offer.

So if downloadable apps are what you have been craving for, there’s no reason to junk your current handset away now that Snaptu has given it a new lease of life with its own app store. Of course, you ‘ll still need a data plan before you start downloading anything.

Source: Snaptu via TechCrunch

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