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An almost fully functional Ubuntu Touch build may be ready by the end of May

Ubuntu is setting itself up for some high praises if Ubuntu for smartphones become what everyone want it to be—that is, a total consolidation of PC and mobile solutions.  Canonical intends to release fully functional and stable builds of Ubuntu Touch sometime this year, and aparently they’re planning on releasing a semi-ready consumer product by end of May.

A lot of developers and enthusiasts have tinkered with the preview Ubuntu Touch builds, and many have agreed that the concept is extremely cool and exciting.  The problem, however, is not everything works.  Ubuntu Touch currently don’t support a lot of hardware, and the ones that it does ‘sort of’ support things just aren’t as buttery smooth as Android.

According to Canonical’s VP, Rick Spencer, the Ubuntu Touch team plans on releasing a build in which everything work soon—or at least the majority.  Full support for texting, talk, Wi-Fi, cell data, and camera are among some of the team’s top priority.  All this and perhaps more are reportedly going to reach the hands of eager Ubuntu users by the end of May.

Again, the ready-to-go daily build will probably remain strictly as a developer build until further notice, but if all you’re planning to do is use the phone (again, hardware support is still extremely limited) as a phone and take pictures then the next build might offer just that.  As far as desktop applications go, you’ll just have to keep on dreaming until the Ubuntu Santa come down your chimney this holiday season.

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