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Amputee builds prosthetic leg using LEGO bricks

An amputee has found that LEGOs are actually quite useful in making prosthetics. With her spirit high and a collection of LEGO bricks at her side, Christina Stephens put together her LEGO Leg 1.0, which works almost perfectly if the pieces didn’t gradually fall apart.


Stephens was under her car changing the brakes when the jack gave away and her Prius landed on her leg and crushed it. The doctor told her that the incident had severely damaged nerves in her leg, and so Stephens decided to have the her leg amputated below the knee.

The LEGO prosthetic leg took Stephens about 2 hours to make, and once it was completed she posted a video of her project onto YouTube. Viewers were more than supportive, and Stephens is planning on building a LEGO Leg 2.0 and use it to actually walk around with.

Stephens’ goal, she says, is to inform people and do away with the “stigma associated with amputation in general.”

“I want to help people and inspire people to be more comfortable with their own bodies if they have limb differences,” she says.

Source: today

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