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AMD x86 powered MSI tablet runs Android 4.0

A curiously alluring tablet from MSI was perked up on display during CES earlier this month which was primarily due to the OS this AMD powered WindPad 110W was running; Android 4.0. And luckily, unlike the Tegra-3 powered Windows 8 tablet also seen at the event, this one was available for some hands-on.

As far as hardware goes, the WindPad 110W uses a 10-inch IPS screen running a resolution of 1280×800 and packs a Z-01 APU comprising a couple x86 cores @ 1GHz, Radeon HD 6250 graphics and 2GBs of RAM. The Ice Cream Sandwich running tablet isn't exactly all that exclusive, however, due to the Android-x86 project which just recently released a public test build (20120101) of its Android 4.0 ISO specifically suited to AMD Brazos-based tablets not unlike the one seen here.

It will be quite a while before AMD gets onboard with official support however, if at all. Although it does look like there is some form of interest in the project when looking at Android-x86 project's website where it can be seen that the company has donated some development boards to the project last April, and their "Persimmon" platform of embedded processors have also officially become a target for new code as of October.

In terms of where things are at for Android/ x86, the WindPad 110W on demo showed that there's still a ways to go for a harmonious matchup, mostly due to some ill running effects at random like forced closes and the odd freezing, but it was clear that progress is going well and there is certainly a bit of potential there.

Source: The Verge


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