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AMD unveils “the world’s fastest GPU” & discusses PS4 at GDC 2013

AMD certainly has made an impression at GDC 2013 with its new line of dedicated cloud gaming graphics cards–the Radeon Sky Series–along with the Radeon HD 7990, which they labeled as the "world's fastest graphics card". AMD also delved into the PlayStation 4's hardware and discussed how they "gave it the hardware that Nvidia couldn't".

During their presentation at this year's Game Developer's Conference, AMD mystified the crowd by unveiling the first public showing of the "world's fastest graphics card": the Radeon HD 7990. 

The chipmaker also shed light on its new lineup of GPUs dedicated to cloud gaming–the Radeon Sky Series–and discussed how they gave Sony's next-gen PlayStation 4 console the "hardware that Nvidia couldn't".

The dual-GPU unit that AMD showcased during the presentation was just a preview of the Radeon HD 7990 so details were a bit scarce, however AMD Product Manager Devon Nekechuck did have a few things to say about the new card:

"This packs two of our 7990 series GPUs. This is only a preview series today, so I'm going to have to hold back some of the details for you guys, but this is not only the world's fastest graphics card, this thing is whisper quiet with these three fans over here.

This thing delivers massive performance and this is really the gamer's dream card."

Nekechuck also revealed that the Radeon HD 7990 is a member of the same family as other 7990's on the market, such as the Asus Ares II and the PowerColor Double 13.

The GPU itself is believed to be based on two Tahiti GPUs and carry a total of 6GB (3GB per) of GDDR5 memory that's carried over a dual 384-bit memory interface. Additionally, the core speeds for the GPUs are believed to be in the range of 1 – 1.1 GHz.

"This is the world's first preview of this card," AMD's Devon Nekechuck said. "This is the first public showing ever."

Details concerning a release date of the new GPU are scarce, however AMD is anticipated to launch the card in Q2 2013 for a price range that approaches $1,000.

EA has also made use of the Radeon HD 7990 during their recent GDC 2013 presentation, as the dual-GPU powered the official Battlefield 4 reveal. The footage worked in tandem with EA's new Frostbite 3 Engine, showcasing the card's impressive and dynamic capabilities with 17 minutes of gameplay.
The Battlefield 4 reveal shows that AMD's dual-GPU is fully functional and operational, but its not yet ready to be introducted to the retail market.
Via Tom's Hardware, Tech Radar (A & B)


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