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AMD Trinity A10-5800K vs Intel Ivy Bridge i5-3470 – Discrete GPU Gaming Performance

Sleeping Dogs

Recently, Sleeping Dogs has become our most favourite benchmark for GPUs (runs well on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs), with the use of advanced DX11 features like Contact Shadows and Screen Space Ambient Occlusion augmenting the beautiful artwork and foul-mouthed gameplay of the GTA style sandbox world. The APU lagged behind the Ivy Bridge in the low preset and sometimes dipped below the magical 60fps mark, but when the details were turned up in the Extreme preset the differences between the two became negligible.

Batman: Arkham City

In the Unreal Engine 3 driven Batman: Arkham City title, we see the Trinity APU suffering some noticable sharp dips throughout the benchmark run. More investigation is in order.


F1 2012

Codemaster's exciting F1 2012 racing simulator was released a few days before this review, and uses the same EGO 2.0 engine as other AMD Gaming Evolved titles like DiRT 3 and Showdown. Either the game suffers from the shared frontend of the Piledriver modules or some AVX instruction set detection is at fault for the less than stellar showing of the Trinity APU here.


DiRT 3


Passions Leads Army


Lost Planet 2


X3 – Terran Conflict

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