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AMD slashes Radeon 7990’s price by a massive $300

AMD slashes the price on its flagship dual-Tahiti based Radeon 7990 by $300 from $999 to $699.


The Radeon 7990 packs two GCN based Tahiti GPUs on board with a total of 2 x 2048 shaders and 6 GB GDDR5 memory (3GB for each GPU) . The default core clock is 950 MHz and is able to boost up to 1000 MHz under PowerTune. The GDDR5 memory clock runs at 6 GHz and along with the wide 384-bit memory, ensures no memory bandwidth bottleneck.

With the price tag of $999 at launch, the Radeon 7990 is currently the highest-performing AMD’s single-card product. The main competition for the Radeon 7990 in the market is from Nvidia, specifically the single-GPU based Geforce GTX Titan and the dual-GPU based Geforce GTX 690, both priced the same at $999. Performance wise, the Radeon 7990 currently tops the Geforce GTX Titan and is able to trade blows with Geforce GTX 690, depending on benchmarks and games.

Although the performance of the Radeon 7990 is generally good, the issue of micro-stutter in AMD’s dual-GPU implementation has prevented the card to be the top-seller among performance enthusiasts. However, with its new price of $699 and the new Catalyst 13.8 Beta driver that fixes micro-stutter, the Radeon 7990 is much more competitive than it previously does.

AMD is eyeing at the Gefore GTX 780 with the new price. Being only $50 more expensive than the GTX 780, the Radeon 7990 offers ~20 percent more performance on average in benchmarks and games. Furthermore, this move by AMD puts Geforce Titan and Geforce GTX 690 in bad positions as the Radeon 7990 is able to offer equal performance, while being a full $300 cheaper.

Besides, all Radeon 7990 purchase comes complete with Never Settle bundle that includes eight free games. If titles like Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, Sleeping Dogs, Hitman Absolution, TombRaider, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Bioshock Infinite and Deus Ex Human Revolution interest you, the Radeon 7990 value is currently unrivalled.

With the new $699 price point and the Never Settle: Ultimate Reload bundle, the Radeon 7990 is definitely an attractive product. The only drawback is the power consumption.

Source: AMD

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