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AMD Radeon HD 7870 and HD 7850 Review

Shot of the card with the heatsink taken off – the HD 7870/7850 uses a conventional 256bit GDDR5 memory design with eight Hynix BGA modules clocked at 1.2GHz

The Pitcairn die is rotated 45 degrees and is slightly depressed below a surrounding metal shim


2 x 6 Pin PCIe power connectors HD 7870 (1 x 6 pin for the HD7850)


Only a single CrossFireX connector is present on the board, which means only up to dual cards (instead of quad) in a multi-GPU rig. The dual bios switch from the HD 69xx/79xx cards is also missing, deterring exotic modding ventures.


CHiL CHL8225G Digital PWM which can drive up to 5 phases and voltage be software controlled


Power Circuitry – 5 phases of Renasas 20658 DrMOS with Pulse PA2080 inductors


Heatsink assembly with the plastic shroud taken off


Sticky thermal pads for the rams


The actual heatpipe heatsink

75mm PWM enabled Foxconn PVB070G12N blower rated at 2A @ 12v and 5000+rpm

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