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AMD Radeon HD 6870 and HD 6850 Review

Taking apart the Radeon HD 6870 is a simple affair if you are good at screws.

Eleven screws hold the whole cooler housing togther. Do not forget to remove another four for the GPU support bracket. It does take a little bit of prying as the quality thermal pads make good contact.

Pictured above is our Radeon HD 6870 after clean up. The voltage regulation module (VRM) has traditionally always been on the right, where the PCI Express power connectors are. AMD has now re-positioned them to the left of the GPU instead, directly in the path of the exhaust airflow.


Redesigned 40nm goodness, say hello to Barts XT! It measures approximately just 1.8cm by 1.4cm.


There are a total of eight Hynix GDDR5 BGA memory chips on the Radeon HD 6870, making up 1GB of video memory.


Four phase VRM on the Radeon HD 6870.


The dual slot cooler has an excellent build. The GPU heatsink has an all copper base with three heatpipes leading into a large aluminium fin array.

There is a plastic tab at the rear of the cooler to ensure that all hot air gets ducted out through the rear exhaust vent on the I/O bracket. We imagine ourselves being the little red tab for a day… Ouch. Anyway.


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