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AMD now says only ‘some’ 9-series cards will come with ‘Battlefield 4’

AMD makes a caveat on bundle promise in emails to the press.


AMD’s claim that any R9 series card purchased after November 11 will come with a copy of Battlefield 4 doesn’t appear to be true.

Earlier this week AMD announced it was offering anyone who bought an R9-series card a free copy of Battlefield 4 as of November 13, and had expanded the silver tier of its Never Settle Forever bundle to owners of the R9 270. Previously, prospective Radeon owners who wanted a copy of Battlefield 4 had to opt for the special R290X bundle which came at a slight premium over a regular edition of an R290X.

This information was based on an email sent to the press by Robert Hallock, AMD’s PR boss for Gaming and Enthusiast Graphics, which included a slide deck. An excerpt can be seen below:



“If a gamer purchases any AMD Radeon R9 Series product starting 11/13, they will get a copy of Battlefield 4 with that purchase,” part of the email read.

Of course the offer came with some fine print. It said that only select cards were eligible, the offer was only good while supplies last, and eligibility would vary by vendor. Given the relationship between GPU makers such as Nvidia or AMD and add-in board makers such as Asus or EVGA such language is common in the fine print. In some cases Nvidia or AMD would take the lead on doing a bundle or promotion, other times it would be up to the board manufacturers to play along.

This time it looks like this was a promotion intended to be offered at the board maker level, but these companies weren’t as enthusiastic as Hallock was about it.

The only two cards in stock at a major retailer that ship with the deal AMD described is the XFX Double D Radeon R9 280X and XFX Radeon R9 290, found by Legit Reviews on NewEgg.


AMD released a statement Thursday night (North America time) attempting to inject some clarity into the issue:

An email sent by an AMD PR representative to press last Friday that provided details on AMD’s Battlefield 4 promotion was not clear and has led to come confusion in the marketplace. It suggested that all customers who purchased an AMD Radeon R9 series graphics cards on or after November 13, 2013 would receive a complimentary copy of Battlefield 4. While all AMD Radeon R9 series cards are theoretically eligible for the promotion (which is administered by AMD’s channel partners), retailers and add-in-board partners ultimately decide which select AMD Radeon R9 SKUs will include a copy of BF4.

To make it easier for our community to identify bundled products, BF4-qualifying SKUs and promotions of which AMD is aware will be posted on the portal below over the coming days and weeks, as soon as AMD is advised of their activation by its channel partners. Check http://www.amd.com/battlefield4 for more details and for full promotion terms and conditions.

Attempting to rectify the situation, AMD has announced that it is giving away 1000 Battlefield 4 serial keys via its Facebook and Twitter channels.

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