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AMD FX-Series / A-Series Vantage Benchmarks Leaked

DonanimHaber has leaked a series of information regarding AMD's upcoming FX (Bulldozer) and A (Llano) processors. AMD's next-gen line-up is almost identical to the leaks in March, both for FX-Series and A-Series. Performance benchmarks aren't a novelty either – with previous leaks pegging FX 8 Core CPUs as 50% faster than current gen Phenom II X6 1100T

The new benchmarks are PCMark Vantage and 3DMark Vantage. In PCMark Vantage, the FX 8-Core CPU matches improves by ~30% over the Phenom II X6 1100T and matches the Core i7 2600K. We have in the past seen the PCMark Vantage to be less multi-threaded oriented, with the i7 2600K regularly edging out Gulftown 6-core CPUs. The same affects the A-Series quad core APUs which simply can't keep up with Intel's dual core i3-2100 CPU. 

As expected, the Llano APUs are very strong in 3D Mark Vantage, offering performance several times that of Core i3 2100, and even the i7 2600K. The entry level A4 APU is able to double the performance of the HD 2000 graphics integrated in i3 2100. 

Unusually, AMD have decided to add HD 6670s to the Phenom II X6 and FX 8-core configs, but not the competing i7 2600K platform, so the 3D Mark Vantage benchmarks proves to be a little meaningless for Bulldozer. Of course, consumers will hope that this means the FX 8100 will be priced lower than Core i7 2600K. 

In regards to the previous leaks showing ~50% improvement over the 1100T, so why is the FX 8 core CPU not appearing as strong in these latest benchmarks? It is simply because PC Mark Vantage has never been known to be a heavily threaded benchmarks. We can expect the FX 8100 to offer incredible performance in multi-threaded applications, while it may lag behind the Core i7 2600 in less threaded applications. Unfortunately for AMD, a great many applications still don't fully utilize 8 threads. The same goes for the Fusion APUs – GPGPU acceleration hasn't caught up as much as AMD would have hoped, for daily applications. 

FX-Series and A-Series are both set to release in the June-July timeframe, with official announcements in June

Source: DonanimHaber

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