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AMD: Fusion to revolutionize tablet devices

It seems that ARM and Intel’s Atom are not going to be the only contenders in the tablet market: AMD is keen in establishing a presence in that area as well, and is banking on its Fusion platform to do the job of giving ARM and Intel a run for their money.

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In spite of not having a single processor that is suitable for powering most netbooks and tablets in the market today (save for the Athelon Neo), AMD is highly optimistic that its upcoming Fusion platform which is due for release in 2011 will be all it needs to turn the tides against ARM and Intel.

By integrating the GPU into a CPU to produce what AMD calls an accelerated processing unit or APU, AMD believes that its new breed of microprocessors had the potential to change the way tablets work and perform, especially where general-purpose usage tasks such as web surfing and video streaming are concerned.

Leslie Sobel, AMD’s vice president of marketing, felt that Fusion’s characteristics makes it well suited for such devices.

“Think about the advantages you get from a power performance and a form-factor perspective when you can take GPU and CPU and put them on the same die,” he said. “You get enormous power efficiencies which is going to enable, not only things like tablet and slate, but these great experiences when you use it.”

Sobel also believes that the features which Apple has chosen to omit from its device, namely multi-tasking and Flash support, will end up being the very thing most consumers expect in a tablet device, saying that user experience has to go hand in hand with the tablet’s form factor.

“People know what they want and web video is pretty much in the top three of every wish list…they might not think of it as web video – they certainly dont think of it as Flash – all they know it when they go to YouTube they want it to work,” he said.

Source: TechRadar UK

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