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AMD finally launches its FX processors

That said, the FX-8150 has a suggested retail price of US$245, a mere US$25 more than Intel's Core i5-2500K and US$70 cheaper than Intel's Core i7-2600K. This makes the FX-8150 a pretty attractive alternative and it gets even more attractive when you realise that high-end motherboards sell for about US$100 less than their equivalent Intel counterparts based on the Z68 chipset. The FX-8120 will be even cheaper at US$205 with the hexa core FX-6100 retailing for US$175. It almost seems too cheap, but AMD told us that they wanted to get into the market with “disruptive pricing” and that's definitely something the company is doing here.

AMD also made a big deal out of how good its new FX processors are for gaming, although this is likely to only be the case in the latest games that offer some sort of SMP support. The company also said that Windows 8 will be able to take better advantage of multi-core CPUs thanks to an improved scheduler and in AMD's own test they saw between two and 10 percent performance increase in four different games using the developer preview of Windows 8.

Overall we'll have to wait and see what the actual benchmark figures tell us, but judging by early leaks it doesn't look like the FX-series will be enough for AMD to oust Intel from the performance position in most benchmarks. That said, real world performance is much more important and if AMD can show that it has what it takes here, we can see its new FX CPUs gaining some popularity and either which way you look at it, you're getting a lot of CPU for your money, even if AMD still has some work to do before its Bulldozer architecture reaches its full potential.

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