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AMD confirms January 14 launch date for Kaveri

AMD confirms Kaveri launch date and shares details on the APU’s specs at opening keynote of #APU13 in San Jose.


Kaveri will be available on the desktop on January 14, AMD confirmed today at the opening keynote of its #APU13 conference in San Jose.

AMD’s Kaveri APU, arguably the first true synthesis of the AMD-ATI merger, has been the target of some controversy this year. Although AMD general manager and senior vice president Lisa Su said at CES and Computex that Kaveri would be a 2013 product, VR-Zone revealed earlier this year that this claim involved some some embellishment: while Kaveri would ship into the channel in late 2013, it wouldn’t actually be available until 2014. AMD’s accountants might have called it a 2013 product, but in actuality it is, for users, a 2014 product.


On stage, AMD’s Su said Kaveri will run at up to 856 gigaflops, between two Steamroller CPU cores at 3.7GHz and eight Radeon GCN compute units, with each of the 512 GPU cores spread amongst the eight Radeon GCN CUs running at 720 MHz.

Kaveri is the first processor from AMD that natively supports HSA, and the related technology Heterogenous Unified Memory Access (hUMA). hUMA allows for the GPU and CPU to share the same pool of memory, which AMD says will increase efficiency and performance in programs — especially games.

Kaveri will also support AMD’s new Mantle and True Audio technologies.

More details on Kaveri, Mantle, HSA and True Audio are expected as #APU13 continues. VR-Zone is in San Jose covering the event as it unfolds and will bring you all the details as they are made available.


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