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AMD announces ‘Beema’ and ‘Mullins’ mobile APUs

2014 followup to Kabini and Temash announced at APU13 conference in San Jose.


AMD revealed a roadmap Wednesday at its #APU13 conference in San Jose which details the company’s low power and ultra low power mobile chips that will take it into 2014.

Beema, which VR-Zone first reported on earlier this year, features 2 to 4 Puma CPU cores, GCN graphics compute units, and AMD security processor, and a 10-25W TDP. AMD said the Beema is an “evolution” of the Jaguar architecture.

The next chip announced by AMD, Mullins, looks to take on Intel’s Bay Trail-T. It also features 2 to 4 Puma cores, GCN, a security processor, but aims to have a 2W scenario power draw (a controversial unit of measurement. AMD executives didn’t specify how the chip would perform against Intel’s competition, just stating it would be “very competitive”.

Security co-processing

One of the more interesting features of Beema and Mullins is the aforementioned security processor. This security processor, an ARM Cortex A5, which AMD is calling Trust Zone, appears to divide the processor into two virtual CPUs that firewalled from each other. The secure side will provide a trusted execution environment for instances where security is paramount.

Intel has been doing something similar with its Trusted eXecution Technology that was first released in 2007 with the Core 2 Duo processor.


AMD hasn’t announced an exact release date for Beema and Mullins, only stating that it anticipates to launch the two chips in the “first half of 2014.”

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