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AMD A-Series, FX-Series preliminary pricing revealed

DonanimHaber has released a preliminary pricing chart for AMD's upcoming A-Series APUs as well as FX-Series CPUs, for desktops. The new AMD desktop range will purportedly cover price points from $70 to $320. The next-gen line-up is surprisingly clean, compared tot he confusing product stacks for both Intel and AMD today. Llano, branded A-Series, will be the mainstream part, as expected, priced between $70 and $170, while FX-Series will be the performance series, priced betwen $190 and $320. 

AMD's next-gen line-up begins with the E2-3250, which is nothing but a cut-down dual-core A-Series, at $70. Next is the A4-3350, which is the full-fledged dual-core Llano, featuring a 160 SP IGP clocked at 594 MHz, branded HD 6410. The A4 is only $10 more than the E2. 

No triple cores are mentioned in the line-up, as we move to the quad-core A6 series, which contains a cut down 320SP IGP at 443 MHz, branded HD 6530. There are two version, A6-3450P and A6-3450. The 3450 has a surprisingly low TDP of 65W, which is quite an achievement for a quad core CPU with a HD 5500 class graphics. The 3450P has a TDP of 100W. The pricing here is again very reasonable – between $110 and $130. Finally, we have the A8 series, with the 3550 and 3550P. This features the fully unlocked 400 SP IGP at 594 MHz, branded HD 6550. The A8-3550 has a 65W TDP, while A8-3550P is 100W, priced at $150 and $170 respectively. If this pricing proves to be true, it is clear that AMD will be extremely aggressive. A quad core CPU, a 320SP GPU, within a power budget of 65W and a price of $110 seems almost like a ludicrous idea. The A Series APUs are set to offer excellent value to casual gamers. Of course, we can expect the pure CPU performance to be eclipsed by equivalent Sandy Bridge CPUs. 

Moving on to Bulldozer / FX-Series, first up is the quad core FX-4110, priced at $190, competing with the Core i5 2000 series. Bridging the gap to the 8-core CPUs is the 6-core FX-6110, priced at $240. Finally, we have the 8-core FX-8110 and FX-8130P, priced at $290 and $320 respectively. Apart from FX-8130P, which has a TDP of 125W, all FX-Series CPUs are rated at 95W. 

Leaked benchmarks have shown the FX-8100 CPUs matching Intel's Core i7 2600 in the same price ballpark. It is worth noting that FX-8100 could potentially substantially outperform the i7 2600 in multi-threaded benchmarks. 

Of course, such leaks must be taken with a big grain of salt, but if true, the indications are clear – AMD is preparing an extremely aggressive attack on the desktop CPU market. Both A and FX series will release in the June-July timeframe. 

Source: DonanimHaber


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