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Ambitious student tried to win school presidential election by hacking

A student from Cal State San Marcos has been accused of rigging a student election on campus. Matt Weaver, a student running for president, allegedly stole the identities of some 700 students and used them to ensure that he would become president.


For his unlawful rigging of an election that’s basically insignificant in many respect, Weaver had to post a $50,000 bail, and now faces a possible lengthy jail sentence. On a campus that boasts thousands of students, a student body election typically has a turn out of only around 600. Hence, Weaver’s manipulation of the system isn’t worth it at all, and it’s ridiculous that he tried to achieve victory by having over 100 percent of the votes in his favor.

To make the situation even more embarrassing, after Weaver pleaded guilty in front a judge, he had his friends create fake Facebook accounts using real student names, and tried to pin the scandal on innocent people through fake conversations.

In addition to the bail Weaver had to pay law authorities, he also now owes another $40,000 to the Cal State San Marcos campus. The game of politics is controversial on stages big and small, and it seems like Weaver’s aspiration to become anything bigger than his school’s student body president has come to a definite end.

Source: laweekly

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