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Amazon’s search technologist William Stasior to run Apple’s Siri

After snatching up former AMD big time engineer Jim Mergard from Samsung, Apple has reeled in another well-known tech exec to help run its Siri department.  The move to hire Amazon’s search technologist, William Stasior, means that Apple is probably looking into developing its own search system.

Correlation is not causation, or so that saying goes, but there’s no denying that some of Apple’s recent move to obtain top employees and execs from other companies mean that Apple wants a chunk of the pie—a pie with Apple and berries.

Stasior has been running Amazon’s search and search advertisement, and his move over to Apple means that Apple wants to wedge itself into the search-pie that’s still incubating in the oven.  Siri, which Stasior will now lead, is Apple’s voice activated personal assistant program.  Hence, Stasior plus Siri equals something that has to do with voice activated search.  There’s a high chance that that’s what Apple wants Stasior to do, but there’s also a high chance that it may not be the case.

Apple’s core business is in consumer electronics/gadgets, but recently there have been a wave of new products which suggest Apple wants to extend its reaches, beyond hardware.  The recent launch of the iOS6 Maps app reveals that Apple wants to compete in the GIS arena, with its main competitor being Google. 

(A Siri voice activated search engine?)

Major companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple have signaled their intents on expanding beyond their core business models.  Google has a stake in just about every tech sectors, while Microsoft has been trying to claim a spot in the hardware industry.  Apple, out of all the tech companies in the world, doesn’t want to be left behind; hence, the moves to obtain employees from companies that are in different segments of the tech market.

If all these major tech firms intermingle in terms of core strategies, how will we be able to differentiate them down the line?  The fog has rolled in, let's see what emerges once the fog lifts. 

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