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Aluminum build and removable battery? LG’s G3 may offer them both

Just when we thought we knew everything about the LG G3, our aesthetical beliefs take a 180 degree turn thanks to a duo of leaked chopped up pics.


Literally not a day goes by lately without some fresh information vis-à-vis LG’s looming G3 coming to light, and the newest scoop is particularly juicy, as well as relatively plausible. Hot on the heels of a couple of photo shoots possibly starring the Quad HD display-toting handheld hidden inside plastic protective cases, the G3 shows its true face rear.

And what do you know, it might actually be constructed of metal. Watch out, HTC, move over, Samsung.

LG G3 metal

The source of the image revolving around a mysterious LG phone with a snazzy, premium-looking posterior, the omniscient @evleaks, mentions nothing on build materials, only suggesting the G3 will be an enemy of fingerprints, unlike the G2 and so many fellow glossy plastic-sporting slabs.

But the aluminum is staring us in the face. Worst case scenario, we’re dealing with a polycarbonate gizmo seasoned with a brushed metal finish, which would still be cooler, sturdier, more elegant than G2 or Samsung Galaxy S5’s exteriors.

LG G3 battery

Even better, G3’s battery could be user removable… and replaceable. The GS5 has a hood you can easily pop open, but the G2 and HTC’s latest two flagships don’t. The upsides of unrestricted access to a phone’s juicer? Mainly, the option to switch it for a chock-full backup power bank when the main ticker expires. You know, if you’re on the road or something and need autonomy beyond the 15-hour or so mark offered by today’s Android top dogs.

Before thanking the gadget guardian angels for listening to everyone’s prayers though, let me underline one more time the aluminum build is not a certainty. The replaceable battery part is, but no one says it’ll be found on G3 models around the world. Remember, the G2 featured a removable back cover too… in Korea.


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