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Alleged iPhone 5C back cover gets photographed from every angle, handheld might cost $485

Ready for a new round of rumors starring the highly anticipated iPhone 5C (aka budget iPhone)? Good, because we have a real treat for you today, courtesy of renowned blogger Sonny Dickson and a mystery post on Chinese microblogging website Weibo.


First things first, do you happen to remember the video clip from yesterday quickly showing off what appeared to be the white back cover of the iPhone 5C? Well, we’re in no position to confirm or invalidate that supposition yet, but the same exact component is now showcased in a huge gallery of high-res photos.

If you ask me, the pics are far too many and of too decent quality to be legitimate, but they do come from a usually reliable source, so it’s all touch-and-go right now. As expected, the pictured housing for the upcoming iPhone is made of plastic and fails to carry the same impression of solid build quality as previous Apple handhelds.


In fact, I could even go so far as to point out it looks shallower than most Samsung back covers (even for mid-range phones), which says quite a lot. The thing is, I understand sacrifices need to be made to keep iPhone 5C’s pricing bar low, but if we are to trust newly emerged rumors, the 4-incher might not be that cheap after all.

Namely, it could cost as much as 3,000 Yuan outright in China, which is roughly 485 US bucks. That’s considerably more affordable than, say, the Galaxy S4, but not quite enough to put the next-gen iPhone on-par with mid-end Android devices.


As far as actual specs go, we still only have a few guesses and presumptions, though chances are the iPhone 5 and 5C will be almost identical in terms of display crispness and hardware. Don’t forget Apple is also tipped to be working on an improved, all-aluminum iPhone 5S, with rumors being however even slimmer regarding the fellow.

Via [Phone Arena] and [Sonny Dickson]

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