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Probable HTC One successor (aka M8) gets benchmarked, packs S800 or S805 CPU

An enigmatic HTC gadget chaotically codenamed 0P6B120 and rumored to be One’s follow-up has allegedly been benchmarked through AnTuTu, scoring well over 36,000 points and thus edging every Android phone out and about in raw performance.


Only not by much. Also, notice the “alleged” part of the report. AnTuTu is infamous for being easy to deceive, so just because a particular handheld shows up in its database it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been thoroughly tested.

Not to mention “thorough” is a relative term when it comes to AnTuTu, which many people claim is the least reliable mobile performance evaluation tool available. But let’s ditch the skepticism for a few moments and assume the test result is indeed legit and relevant.

Again, we can’t remember seeing any other gizmo score north of 35,000 points. Not Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, not Sony’s Xperia Z1, not LG’s G2. But all three are rated somewhere between 31 and 33k. So 36, 532 is not even a 10% speed boost.


With that in mind, there’s absolutely no way the HTC M8 will pack an innovative, revolutionary, yet to be announced quad or octa-core CPU. At best, it could come rocking Qualcomm’s Krait 450-based Snapdragon 805 SoC, capable of running at up to 2.5 GHz speeds.

And even that sounds like a stretch, as no matter what the name suggests, the 805 should considerably up the ante over the 800. Granted, it’ll probably not double the oomph, but it can’t only improve it by a measly 10%.

Bottom line, the One Two, One Plus, Two or however the M8 ends up being dubbed is to feature either an MSM8974AB chip, or an MSM8974AC unit. Both part of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 family. Which is kewl, don’t get me wrong, just not enough to help HTC challenge Samsung, Sony and LG’s 2014 beasts. Not for long, at least.

Source: Ameblo

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