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All-in-one: ESET Smart Security 4

Mr Miroslav Trnka,
ESET Chief Executive Officer

VR-Zone: How does ESET plan to compete with free anti virus software?

Mr Trnka: We have special pricing for the non-profit organizations and charitable organizations. Usually the computer systems at the charitable and non-profit organizations may be dated. Our software suits them as it is lightweight and lean. We also do have arrangement with a few tertiary institutions and offer their students our technologically advanced software at a discounted price.
VR-Zone:  ESET currently has Anti Virus software for Windows Mobile. A preliminary version for Symbian was unveiled at Cebit recently. Does ESET have any plans to extend Anti Virus support for other platforms? Notably, the iPhone.
Mr Trnka: ESET conducted a feasibility study on iPhone and its platform. Current iPhone has some limitations but maybe it will change in the future. ESET is prepared to enter the market when they are ready.

VR-Zone:  Basic Anti Virus and basic Malware cleaning utilities may be embedded into Operating Systems in the future. How does ESET convince users to pay for a better Anti Virus and Support?

Mr Trnka:  It is not easy. We must be able to convince users that we are providing a form of service rather than a product. There is always a place for technological advanced products and the product is value for money.

VR-Zone: More and more operations are performed online. Does browser based exploits affects the way ESET looks at online security?

Mr Trnka: Our products support https scanning. Moreover, we are prepared to stop the threat at the http level. Most of these exploits are also due to user’s operating systems or software applications which are not patched – our software will notify users if their operation system is not patched and patches will be downloaded for the users.

User education is also one factor of security. It goes hand in hand with technologically advanced products.

Mr Carlos Cheng,
Version 2 Limited Managing Director

VR-Zone: ESET is the silent Anti Virus maker in the industry. It lacks the recognition that Norton, McAfee enjoys but this has no effect on ESET’s ability to offering leading edge solutions. Any plans to increase market awareness?

Mr Carlos Cheng: Yes. We are signing up new resellers for our products; we will be starting advertising campaigns to increase awareness in our products. As you may have noticed, we have TV commercials about our products and it is now being aired across different countries like Hong Kong and Singapore.

However, we do not stop here, we have agreement with MSI to bundle our software into their latest Net book offerings.

We are amidst discussions with Lenovo, ASUS and Intel to bundle our software into their upcoming product offerings.

Note: For users who are interested in the TV commercial Mr Carlos mentioned, this is the one:

VR-Zone: Will ESET go into managed security services or security consulting in the future?

Mr Trnka: We currently offer these services in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. Yes we do have the framework and infrastructure ready. We do not rule out the future possibility of extending these services to other regions.

VR-Zone: I noticed that your software products come out with a new major revision approximately every 4 years. Your competitors come out  with a new version every year. How will ESET play the catch up game?

Mr Trnka: Our software is always constantly updated to newer revisions. We have expanded our research and development team. We are confident new features will be developed and rolled out faster.

VR-Zone: What are the achievements of ESET to date?

Mr Marwan Chanawani: ESET presents a pioneering brand in proactive detection and delivers flagship products that constantly achieve the highest accolades in all types of comparative testing. Sold in more than 160 countries worldwide, ESET provides instant, comprehensive protection against evolving threats. ESET has achieved 56 Virus Bulletin VB100 Awards, more than any other vendor. In Virus Bulletin’s comparative tests, ESET NOD32 Antivirus has not missed an ‘In the Wild’ virus sample since May 1998. Forbes stated: “ESET may be the most effective virus scanner you’ve never heard of.”

VR-Zone: How will business benefit from ESET’s products?

Mr Marwan Chanawani: ESET provides its security solutions to all kinds of business. It proactively catches more malware (viruses, spyware, trojans, worms etc) than any other solution, it consumes less system resources, and it runs faster. With available support to almost all platforms, ESET protects your business without you noticing it due to its quiet running in the background.

VR-Zone: Does ESET have any plans to set up regional headquarters  in the APAC region?

Mr Marwan Chanawani: ESET is looking to setup its APAC regional operation center at Singapore in 2010. The center will be mainly focused to provide sales and technical support for partners within the APAC region.

VR-Zone: What is the focus for Singapore market?

Mr Carlos Cheng: With the emergence and popularity of internet connectivity and e-commerce in the internet-savvy city-state, the exposure to online threats is much higher and proactive intrusion protection has become a vital requirement. 

ESET’s strategic focus lies in adding value to targeted market segments. This ranges from corporate customers including SMEs, government bodies, academic institutions to home users in Singapore.

We believe the availability of ESET products can provide consumers with a superior alternative, topping it off with award-winning advantages while meeting increasing demands across all sectors.

VR-Zone: Any plans to go public?

Mr Trnka: (with a laugh) Not at the moment. We have all the funds that we need.

VR-Zone: Last question, what does the future hold for Anti-Virus, Anti-malware industry?

Mr Trnka: (with a smile) No matter what the platform is, the fight will continue! 🙂

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