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Akasa Venom Voodoo CPU Cooler Review

The new Akasa Venom Voodoo is a tower-style high performance cooler and bears no resemblance to the older Venom model. The body of the new cooler is entirely different, tall but not very wide and with a much more sophisticated fins design.

The aluminum fins of the Venom Voodoo cooler are cut in a U shape, reducing airflow resistance and therefore the generated noise.  The fins are also teethed, even on the sides, probably in order to further increase the overall performance of the cooler.

At the top of the cooler Akasa placed a thick plastic cover, serving mostly as an aesthetic enhancement and covers the ends of the heatpipes. The center part of the cover is a yellow mesh with the cooler’s logo at the center.

The six copper heatpipes come in direct contact with the CPU while rest of the cooler’s base is made out of aluminum and serves no other purpose than ensuring the mechanical cohesion of the product and providing space for the mounting brackets to be installed. The portion of the heatpipes which comes into direct contact with the CPU appears very well machined to a smooth finish but minor gaps are being formed in between the heatpipes.

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