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Akasa Venom Power Modular 750W PSU Review


Akasa entrusted a heavily customized Young Lin Tech DFS132512H 135mm cooling fan to handle the needs of their Venom Power unit. It is a high speed (1700RPM) sleeve bearing fan of proven quality. The company dyed the fan’s blades with a striking neon green color and installed a vented fan frame which helps directing the airflow.


Now that is an OEM we do not get to see frequently lately. The Venom Power 750W unit is an Andyson design and appears to be a slightly bolstered version of their F-Series design.


The filtering stage of this power supply is rather basic, although it should be more than adequate considering this unit is meant to work only with a 220V input. Starting at the back of the A/C outlet and continuing on the PCB we counted two Y-type capacitors, two X-type capacitors, two ferrite coils and a surge suppressing MOV.


The primary capacitor is a commercial grade product made by Teapo and is rated at 420V/390μF. The secondary side capacitors are all supplied by Teapo, making this power supply an all-Taiwanese affair.


The heatsinks of the power supply are somewhat thin but offer ample heat dissipation surface considering the unit’s specifications and class. The bridge rectifier can be found resting on its own dedicated heatsink under the primary side heatsink.

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