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Akasa Venom Power Modular 750W PSU Review


The Akasa Venom Power unit is supplied in a standard cardboard box covered in striking artwork. Although the artwork is not complex, the bright neon green theme instantly captivates a browsing eye. Details on the unit’s features and specifications can be found on the rear of the box.


Inside the box, the power supply is well packed, protected by two polystyrene foam covers and wrapped inside a nylon bag. The modular cables are left unprotected, yet physical damage on cables during transportation is highly unlikely.


Akasa kept the bundle down to the very basics. The bundled modular cables are all sleeved and every connector is black. There is no bag for the modular cables supplied with the Venom Power unit. Other than the modular cables, the purchaser will only receive a standard AC power cable and four mounting screws.

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